Message from the Chairman

The year 2017 was a memorable year for the Company history as it was the beginning of business expansion into the neighboring country, especially, Myanmar where there is a large agriculture area with rapid growth of demand of fertilizer. The Company has set up TCCC Myanmar Limited in order to distribute high quality chemical fertilizer to the farmers in Myanmar. In this regard, TCCC Myanmar Limited has invested to build the packing plant and the warehouse in Thilawa Special Economic Zone on the area of 20 Rai to support demand of high quality fertilizer in Myanmar. At the moment, the construction of packing plant and warehouse has been completed and the opening ceremony was held on 26 February 2018. The Company aims that with the extensive experience of fertilizer business and high demand of high quality fertilizer in Myanmar, TCCC Myanmar Limited shall grow significantly enhancing growth of the Company accordingly.

Business expansion plan into the neighboring countries in this region is aligned with the new vision and mission of the Company which the Board of Director has thoughtfully considered and announced to be a guideline for sustainable growth of the Company. In details, the new vision of the Company reads “The first-choice of growers” where the Company aims to be a top priority choice of agriculturists in Southeast Asia by delivering excellent products and services that boost quality and productivity in farming. Therefore, business direction according to the new vision shall take into account of the needs of the farmers, not only in Thailand but also in the neighboring countries. Nevertheless, the Company shall not neglect the needs or valuable suggestion of other stakeholders who give a support to the Company until present.

In this regards, the Company has prepared for alignment of business conduct and the new vision by emphasizing on quality of the products and services of the Company. The products shall be high quality products with advanced-technology, environmental friendly or causing least effect on the environment. The Company products shall meet a standard that is it shall contain full nutrient according to its formula in order to help growing the crops effectively. For the services, the Company tries to improve the services to satisfy the customers. For instance, the Internal Logistics Improvement project conducting at the Company plants can be able to decrease the loading time for the customers significantly and it can also save the customers’ cost. Details of the project can be read in the CSR report which is a part of this Annual Report.

Although the Company performance of last year slightly dropped compared with the year before, it was still over the budget and, if compared within the same industry, the Company performance is considered as a high level. This was the result from cooperation among employees and support from other stakeholders. The Company focuses on efficient cost management without compromising quality of products and services. This is a notion which the Company adheres as a core business conduct.

Last but not least, the Company would like to thank farmers, dealers, employees, suppliers, contractors, community, shareholders and other stakeholders for supporting the Company very well. With the new vision and good management, the Company is confident that we will grow sustainably and shall be an important supporter of agriculture in Southeast Asia.